Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Tuula Rands West Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Posted: 2017-10-23

Chapter 12 - the Subconscious Mind

Hill tells us the subconscious mind receives, and files, sense impressions or thoughts,
regardless of their nature.  Which means everything we hear and see enters
our subconscious mind and we can control the things we want received and
filed in our subconscious mind.

Do we actually do that? Do we actually control what we allow to enter our mind?  
Do we actually stop the negative thoughts, the negative things we see or the negative
things we hear from entering our minds.  Or do we continue to think, watch and hear them,
thinking that they don't really do anything to our mind.

Hill tells us "All thought impulses, intended for transmutation into their physical equivalent,
voluntarily planted in the subconscious mind, must pass through the imagination, and be
mixed with faith. The “mixing” of faith with a plan, or purpose, intended for submission to
the subconscious mind, may be done ONLY through the imagination."

So let's use the imagination God gave us and ask ourselves, WHAT IF?

What if I really controlled all the things that entered my mind and stopped all the negative?

What if I controlled everything I see and stopped looking at the things that were not positive
and would not be of benefit to me?

What if I stopped listening to the negative things that I say to myself and the negative things
I hear around me?

What if instead I used the imagination and asked myself;
What if I looked at the positive things in my life and built upon those things?

What if I listened to only positive input, training, self development and concentrated on the
positive things I could do and tell myself?

What if I did and took action on the positive things my imagination brings to me?

What if I said my self talk 1000 times every day? 

What if I told myself I am successful and did the actions as a successful person does?

We have a perfect example of a positive thinking, action taking individual who does just that, and
if we follow in his footsteps, we too can have the same success he has.  

Michael Dlouhy does not question whether he will be successful in anything - he just does it.

So let's ask ourselves, "What if?" and "Are we willing to do the work?"

Tuula Rands