Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ben Drake West Ryde, NSW, Australia

Posted: 2017-10-03

Persistence working towards goals and dreams. We work towards our goals and dreams with persistence that we choose too keep on going towards our goal or dream. Jane and Anna had meet as school friend's in high school. Jane knowing that wanted to settle down and be married, getting to know her partner who became the father of her daughter.

Even though her partner did pass away Jane kept on going until got together with Bill and they got married and had their own family. As for Anna well she kept expecting the partner to drop in her lap with little work. Over the years its been the same with My own life in relation to health and improving health.  That just keep on working on improving health and wellness by going to the gym, Pilates and constantly doing excercises.

Persistence is keeping on going until even when the critics etc seem to have their attention on us. You keep on working through all those storms until comming out in the sun. We either stop dead in our trax when opposed or keep on going just like the Ford's, Cariagies and Eddisions that kept on going until they achieved their goal.
Those who refuse to quit win their prized goal as they have persisted and refused to give up.

Thank you to my ever amazing friends for helping me to refuse to give up on own goals and dreams. Thank you to my amazing friends, family members Ken Klemm, Linda and Michael Dlouhy for your own ongoing guidence love and support. To my amazing wife Jenny thank you for your ongoing support.

Your friend for life,
Big higs,
Ben Drake- west ryde nsw Australia