Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Greg Toews Linden, Alberta, Canada

Posted: 2017-09-19

Here's to another lesson.  My DESIRE is to become laser focused like Michael mentioned in my call with him.  There is just something about this MFF program that really makes me think "I've found" a Mentoring program that will help me to the end.  This lesson mentions allying myself with a "Master Mind" group, and what better group than you all!  It also mentions what advantages and benefits could I offer to the group?  I'm only 35 and feel like I'm definitely below the average age, and feel like I've got more to learn than to give, but I know you all believe in me, as a brilliant leader, and what better encouragement could I get?
I feel inadequate to instruct anybody on the importance of implementing plans which are faultless, as I don't consider myself a talented "planner".  But one thing I can say about myself is I've had many plans that have failed, but the good part is the PERSISTENCE I've thankfully had to get up and try again, and replace it with another plan or idea.  I'm impressed with Hill's words that temporary defeat is not permanent failure.  In my experience with Major Depression symptoms, and Bi-polar, I have went from running a business, to crying when I arrived at work.  Looking back, I could have given up so many times and labeled myself as a permanent failure, but thanks be to God, I am where I am today cuz I never gave up, and obviously looked at those times as only temporary defeat!
A QUITTER NEVER WINS - AND A WINNER NEVER QUITS.  And as someone just told me, I want to be Pers-istent,
not Pest-istent!  
When being an employer in our bike shop, I always thought it good when my co-owner or me could get our hands "dirty" in grease or oil fixing a bike.  It seemed to me that the action alone could speak to our employees.  Now that I'm an employee driving truck, when I see the boss has his coveralls on, and is willing to get into the nitty gritty, it speaks volumes to me. 

Matthew 20: 27 says, "And whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant: Even as the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many.  What a perfect example the Son of man  was for us!  Even Hill says, "An efficient leader may, through his knowledge of his job and the magnetism of his personality, greatly increase the efficiency of others, and induce them to render more service and better service than they could render without his aid."  

"The -QQS- formula which means that QUALITY, plus QUANTITY, plus the SPIRIT of cooperation, equals perfect salesmanship of service.  Remember the -QQS- formula, but do more - APPLY IT AS A HABIT"  Are we not in Network Marketing to serve our fellow man?  We need to remember to be quality individuals, every minute of every day, in quantity!  Our Spirit of cooperation will be sure to shine forth to those we come in contact with! And with the correct Spirit, give us long lasting effectual results in our business and everyday life, as we pleasantly conduct ourselves among ourselves.

I was told the other day my biggest problem in life will be GREG TOEWS.  That goes along with the thought in the lesson that says, "You may see at one and the same time both your best friend and your greatest enemy, by stepping in front of a mirror."
Number 24 stood out to me, on INTEMPERANCE.  Especially where one of the most damaging forms of intemperance is connected with eating.  I have in the past had the excuse or self invoked thought that I could eat lots (because I enjoyed it) because of the hard life I've endured with my mental health issues.  And here Hill is saying how damaging it is.  I want to be more temperant in my eating habits.  
I enjoyed this lesson, and it's time to now GET to WORK, and I'm NOT going to "GET without GIVING".  I am thankful for the "free" country I live in.  I have so much to be thankful for, and I am.  Thanks to Rick for reaching out to me.  Thanks to Michael and the rest of you that make this program available each and every day!
Greg Toews
Linden, Alberta