Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Dawn Meyers Mullica Hill, NJ, United States

Posted: 2017-09-18

Chapter 7 Organized Planning

I wanted to get my lesson in before the call today. It's funny to see not too many of us wrote their lessons yet. Is this because we are still not organized. LOL. Well I know I am a blue and I have been working on getting organized with my mind, body, and home. It is a bit difficult to make all this happen overnight. Baby steps daily will do the trick.

I can see how much Mentoring for free has helped my life. I have been baby stepping my way to better results. I am self-talking the checks into my mailbox. After my last lesson, another check showed up in there. I am using my self-talk more frequently and I see the results are stunning.

I have been spending my time better planning and actually putting those plans into action. Of course, I haven't completed it all yet but I am completing it more and more each day.

I have been showing my husband a different way and he is putting it into action. He sees what it's all about now that I am pointing it out. He said to me today that he believes my theories are real. I said they are not my theories. These are the theories of others before us that have proved "Thoughts are things". 

Thank you to everyone that has helped me in my journey. I look forward to crossing the finish line.

Dawn Meyers Mullica Hill, New Jersey