Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Tony Koker Stoughton, MA, United States

Posted: 2017-09-07

Specialized Knowledge

   I believe our education system began with good intentions. Teachers and coucilors would guide pupils, eager to discover and learn, along thinking paths. Somewhere along the way, the process was deemed too slow. Outside and disconnected others needed to be given evidence that proper skills had been developed. Things moved towards standardization. Testing is deeply flawed. One of the poorest forms of communication is that which is written down. Without proper apprenticeships and tutoring, the student has become judged by how well facts or processes are memorized. Thinking is no longer necessary beyond strategic positioning and gameplaying.
   Thankfully coaches, mentors and systems still do exist that connect people, one-on-one, and in mastermind groups. I am grateful to be involved in this group which aspires to the this highest ideal, and to the founders and volunteers who keep this alive and prosperous.
with gratitude and in service,
Tony Koker

P.S. How many times have you said your self-talk today?

P.P.S. A good Mentor will inspire You to Believe,
A GREAT Mentor will inspire You to Believe In YOURSELF.