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James Lombard Dublin, Leinster, Ireland

Posted: 2017-09-06

Ctrl/Cmd+                                                                          Specialized Knowledge


A woman who developed a business to market the skills of applicants for positions in companies, by compiling detailed curriculum vitae for them during the recession, had the secret of why she was successful identified by Napoleon Hill as follows: “Specialized knowledge plus imagination were the ingredients that went into this unique and successful business.” In this book, Hill also says: “Capability means imagination, the one quality needed to combine specialized knowledge with ideas, in the form of organized plans designed to yield riches.” According to the dictionary, ‘capability’ is the power or ability to do something.


So, have a clearly defined definite purpose and decide what specialized knowledge you require to achieve it, let your imagination go to work, and don’t be put off by what you consider to be a gap in your general knowledge. You are not inferior to anyone, as you have it within you to bridge any knowledge gap. Anyway, most general knowledge is not relevant to achieving what you want in life; what counts is the use to which you put knowledge.   Hill says: “To a large extent your major purpose in life, the goal toward which you are working will help determine what knowledge you need.” Apart from your own experience and knowledge, public libraries and schools, there is the possibility of allying yourself with a mastermind of individuals who have the specialized knowledge you are seeking and are willing to share this, if you willing to share your knowledge and insights with them.


Mentoring for Free is a mastermind designed to help people who want to be successful in network marketing. Mentors in this forum have the experience and expertise to help anyone needing help. Not only will they provide specialized knowledge, but in the mental cleanse lessons, help is provided to assist in personal development, because network marketing is a business where personal development is essential.


To be successful at network marketing, one must use practical, workable plans, and approaching family and friends and searching for the hundred ‘Nos’ will only cause frustration, ill will and failure. Knowledge is only potential power. Hill says: “Knowledge will not attract money, unless it is organized and intelligently directed, through practical plans of action to the definite end of money”.


To make the fullest use of the mastermind, it is advisable have a written - down purpose and be willing to share it with your special mentor. To be successful, a mastermind depends on trust and openness.


Imagination, as the opening quotation indicates, is the most important ingredient for success, and it can be acquired by developing a self-talk based upon a written-down purpose and transmitting it, by multiple repetitions daily, to the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind will then send your dominant thoughts to Infinite Intelligence which will provide the inspiration you are seeking. However, you must listen to and act on its promptings.


                                                                                                                                                       Regards and best wishes to all.


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