Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Tony Harnett Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

Posted: 2017-09-05

Chapter 5 - Specialized Knowledge

It was mid December 2010 …  I decided to go to my AdlandPro account to do a little Networking for my MLM Business when I received a message from someone suggestion I download a free eBook called “Success in 10 Steps” which could help me with my business.

I’d received the offer to download this free eBook a few other times recently and I’m sure it was offered to me several times over the years but I did not download it . . . for whatever reason - this time I did!

I opened it and started reading . . . I didn’t stop reading ‘til I got to the end and then went to bed.

The entire next day while at work, I kept going over in my head what I’d read and after work, I went home and immediately read it again.

As soon as I finished it, I picked-up the phone and called the person listed in the back of the book which turned into a good one hour conversation. She told me she’d send me a link to some skills calls and instructed me to listen to the first two and would call back in a few days.

By the time she called back, I had listened to all seven of them (some more than once) and then we set-up a coaching call with her mentor.

On that coaching call, we discussed a lot of things and the Gal I was speaking with asked if I could email her the “Policies & Procedures” and “Compensation Plan” from my MLM Company. She then gave me a homework assignment to go through the “Policies & Procedures” and see what jumps out at me based on what we’d just discussed.

When I joined that MLM Company, I did read every word of the “Policies & Procedures” prior to signing-up, but with my newly acquired knowledge . . . I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing now!

A couple days later I had my second coaching call and we went over what the two of us found. Funny enough, our findings were very similar! I was then cautioned that my 26 month old MLM Company may not be around very much longer.

That was around the 3rd week of December 2010.

In mid January, I was notified by email that my MLM Company had ceased operations and closed the doors leaving hundreds of distributors without a bonus cheque.

I wondered “did this gal have a crystal ball?”

Then I started thinking of what I’d learned in this short span of time … it was ‘Specialized Knowledge’

Over the past 7 Years I’ve gained a boat-load of ‘Specialized Knowledge’ and have helped many people do the same.

Do I know everything? Of course not, but I do know where to find what I don’t know … right here at Mentoring for Free!

Michael Dlouhy recently pointed me to an online interview … Lewis Howes was interviewing Tim Storey and near the end of that interview, Tim said something that really resonated with me ... “You May Not Be What You Want To Be but Thank God You’re Not What You Used To Be”

With Appreciation - Tony Harnett