Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Liz Pimenta Portimao, Algarve, Portugal

Posted: 2017-08-30

This chapter blew my mind! Right after reading the last chapter, I kept asking Tony about my self talk and if I was getting it right. Looked like I was definitely on the right track. But what I was doing wrong, I think, was saying it a bunch of times without really focusing on the words without feeling. So, I decided to cut it down and focus on my concentration to be able to really focus on the words.

Not only that, I've started saying another self talk about feeling passion and excitement for wonderful things in my life like the success I'm achieving with my business. This is something that I really need to focus on as well so I CAN have that feeling of faith when it comes to the money I'm going to have.

I truly believe that I have been given the plans to make this a reality and Mentoring For Free is a huge part of it! It's what's opening my eyes to actually seeing and finding what's missing or holding me back. Love it! it possible to use self talk to make others close to me believe the same thing for my sake and for their own as well? Also, is it possible to hear some of your self talks? How many do you have? Do you stop saying it once you've reached your goal, or do you change the wording to be able to maintain it?

So many questions...I can't wait to hear all the answers and to continue with this awesome, life changing book!!