Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Derrick Szpotek Wayne, MI, United States

Posted: 2017-08-23


            "FAITH is the “eternal elixir” which gives life, power, and action to the impulse of thought!"

As Hill goes on to list what Faith is, my thoughts immediately become focused on My Faith in God. For a long time coming out of my

Youth, I did not think much about God. I mean, I knew he was there, mostly because I was taught that He existed without understanding who He was. I 

Just accepted what my Parents Faith in Him and what my Christian teachers taught me, and that was that.

Then, as I entered my 20's I started struggling with addiction, and I started to be uncaring of my future, what I was doing, and where I was going. I lived for the next 'High' with no desire to change. I had the belief that that was going to be it for me, to live the rest of my days being miserable, with no positive purpose.

Now I realize I was transmuting to the ether, and received back exactly what my negative thoughts produced in the physical equivalent - poverty and homelessness, misery, and hopelessness. It was my negative state of mind.  

The reason I bring this up is that, at some point, I decided to appease my family by going to get help, with no positive emotions or thoughts that I would

even want help or that I needed it.

Then came the planting of the seed. I was at a meeting and the power from the emotional, spiritual and physical experience that came from so many people

there, all thinking and feeling the same emotions of positiveness, and desire to change. 

I get it now, they were creating such a higher vibration of positive energy through the ether, that it started to take root in my sub conscious mind, and I 

had nothing to do with it, besides a deep feeling that I could not explain till now, they had it, they had Faith in something.

Though I did not stop using, the thought was planted deep in my sub conscious mind, because the vibrations were so strong there. that what I was doing was destructive, and there was a better way, and the power of Faith in this better way, and in God, could and would save me from my destructive existence,

Then, as things got worse, I went to get help again, and that same powerful positive emotions of hope, love (and sex) came back, and I opened my mind to accept the positive emotions that were all around me from those that had beat their addiction, and they did it with FAITH! Faith that there is a better way. Faith that

God cared and wanted to help. Faith that addiction could be conquered, and Faith that I could do it. I started feeling joy in the smallest achievements.

I started thinking that I wanted to change and mixed with my emotions of joy, and my belief in God, my Faith began. I had finally changed my state of mind.

This all leads up to the following statement that Hill writes-


And He goes on to tell us-

"A thought thus “magnetized” with emotion may be compared to a seed which, when planted in fertile soil, germinates, grows, and multiplies itself over and over again, until that which was originally one small seed, becomes countless millions of seeds of the SAME BRAND!"

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, God, foremost, for showing yourself to me through the thoughts, feelings, and actions of others, so powerful, that they reached my subconscious mind through the ether, and transmuted to their physical equivalent of beating my addiction.

...And everyone here in MentoringForFree for giving me direction to use what I am learning from TGR and the mastermind group to build upon my Faith in a

Positive and fulfilling future, in the Now!