Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Michael Dennis Charlotte, North Carolina, United States Of America

Posted: 2017-08-19

Everyone has a measure of faith. We build our spiritual and emotional state of faith in the same way a body builder strengthens his muscles he uses them while using some form of resistance to work against. When we start to exercise faith we will meet resistance from different avenues, family, and friends, thoughts from the either. Through the tool of auto suggestion, we strengthen our faith as we repeat to ourselves the desired outcome as we mentally work against and resist what I eye may see and our ears might hear.

In learning scripture, we are told to do as a cow does. A cow is said to have stomachs and they chew their food and it goes into the first stomach to carry out a digestive process and is regurgitated and chewed again (called chewing the cud). It then goes into the second stomach then the third and the fourth always chewing the cud between stomachs. We are to chew on the word (spiritually (you are what you eat) allow it to go into our minds and then keep going until it finally reaches our heart where it nourishes our spirit.

Prov 4:23“Keep your heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life”

What we plant in our heart becomes a Garden of Gethsemane (meaning oil press), a place where people will love to come and stay,  or we can create a desolate landscape, parched, dry and devoid of anything worthwhile.

We can actually have total control of our faith by introducing self-suggestion, self-talk or auto suggestion into our daily lives, taking the measure of faith we were created with and through auto-suggesting what we want our outcome to be. We know this because of the difference between those that are successful and those who settle to live trapped in the downward stream of life.


In his lesson, Michael tells us to "believe in ourselves". This is something most people have a difficult time doing in life. I WAS such a person but I've learned that I have a choice. They only need to get a start telling themselves over and over again, what they hope for and add as much faith as they can muster and build from there through repeating that message to themselves.

People fall into the habit of speaking to themselves in terms of their circumstances that they do not want and identify themselves with the situation. Situations are temporary and will end so it is not wise to identify so completely with a failure let that failure be secluded with that event and not carry it with you. Auto Suggestion will help since we will believe what we repeat to ourselves over and over again.

What do you want to be when you grow up? We are asked as a child; with the right encouragement and repeated exposure to the outcome desired it is more likely to come true. The Why or The Dream is a desire that I place and deliberately allow to occupy my thinking; mixing it with faith and other powerful, powerful emotions, believing I am already in possession of it, without relenting in faith and I will have it.

Love You All

Michael Dennis