Think & Grow Rich Lessons
James Lombard Dublin, Leinster, Ireland

Posted: 2017-08-02

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According to Napoleon Hill, “The Master Key is intangible, but it is powerful! It is the privilege of creating, in your own mind, a burning desire for a definite form of riches”. He goes on to say that it is the key “that unlocks the door to life’s bountiful riches”.


The master key is the knowledge and skills offered to us in this book. It begins, as Hill says with “a burning desire for a definite form of riches”, and ends with the achievement of riches. If it begins with a burning desire, it must be articulated clearly and definitely in a written-down purpose; a life without a clear and definite purpose is meaningless.  That desire must be constantly conveyed to the subconscious mind as the dominant thought by means of autosuggestion or self-talk and visualization, otherwise, it will, as they say, wither on the vine.


The desire must be enlivened by faith and the positive emotions, (in other words, you must believe that it is being achieved), and you must carefully plan for its realization.


Before a plan can be formed for success in network marketing, it must be informed by specialized knowledge, which can be acquired through experience, education, research and a co-operative mastermind.


Eventually, the subconscious mind, influenced by the individual’s self-talk, will enlist the help of Infinite Intelligence and the minds of other people in the universe to provide inspiration for the genesis of a plan.


This plan will need to be worked on with help and guidance from mentors in the co-operative mastermind and the promptings from Infinite Intelligence. The agreed plans will need to be implemented with decisiveness and endless persistence. If the first plan didn’t work, the reasons why it didn’t work will have to be looked at with the help of the mastermind and revised plans applied until success is achieved.


Use the power of sex transmutation to supercharge your efforts, while being persistent and consistent in telling your subconscious mind, through self-talk, what you desire. Be on the look-out for the promptings and inspirations which Infinite Intelligence will send to your sixth sense or creative imagination and apply them when they are received.


Through all of this, one must conquer self by controlling the negative thoughts inherited from upbringing and culture and ward off the negative chatter that pervades every aspect of modern living. This is done by carefully analysing and neutralizing by self-talk whichever of the fears of poverty, criticism, ill health, lost love, old age or death that are holding you back. You must also counteract your susceptibility to negative influences by setting up habits that strengthen your will power, recognizing that negative influences are but states of mind that can be overcome by good habits of thought and by avoiding negative people.


Conquering self will take a lot of effort and you will experience reverses, but in the end, if you are persistent, Hill says; “There is a reward of stupendous proportions if you put the key to use. It is the satisfaction that comes to all who conquer self and force life to pay whatever price is asked”.


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