Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Linda Ojutkangas Antigo, Wisconsin, United States

Posted: 2017-08-02

Chapter 15

How to Outwit the Six Ghosts of Fear


This statement screamed out at me as I was reading this lesson.  To rephrase somewhat:  our thoughts, whether voluntary OR involuntary begin immediately to translate themselves into their physical equivalent.    This is so important!  We must be vigilant, ever aware of the thoughts that come into our minds minute-by-minute.  We must be ready to take those negative thoughts and fears captive immediately and replace them with our positive self-talk.

This is not something we can turn off and take a break from.  Especially those of us who are just starting in Think and Grow Rich.  It takes practice, it takes work, but the rewards are so much better for having done it!

The six fears that Napoleon mentions are:

1 – the fear of Poverty

2 – the fear of Criticism

3 – the fear of Ill Health

4 – the fear of loss of love of someone

5 – the fear of Old Age

6 – the fear of Death

Napoleon says that fears are a state of mind and nothing else.  He goes on further to say that a State of Mind is something that one assumes.  It cannot be purchased, it must be created. 

Every one of us has had these fears jump into our minds at some point.  It is what we do with these fears that make the difference in our lives.  I will repeat what I said earlier, we must be vigilant and not allow these fears to take root, because they immediately begin to translate into their physical equivalent, creating a State of Mind that we do not want. 

We must create a State of Mind that is positive and full of belief.  We must repeat our self-talk daily.  When these thoughts come into our minds, we must replace them with the opposite.  For example:  the fear of Poverty, we can replace that with the belief that we are Rich!  We must believe that good things are coming our way and be thankful and appreciative of what we do have.

Thank you to Michael and Linda Dlouhy, my mentor John and Karla Wiser, and all of the other great leaders here at TAGR. 

To Our Success!

Linda O.