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Marty Roe Pine Bluff, Arkansas, United States

Posted: 2017-08-01

Chapter  15

The Six Ghost Of Fear

From The Book

Think And Grow Rich,


Nature has endowed man with absolute control over

But one thing, and that is thought.  This fact, coupled

With the additional fact that everything which man

Creates begins in form of a thought, leads one very

Near to the principle  by which fear may be mastered. (quote)


When I was in my comfort zone, going to and from work

Every day, I had no fear, it was the same thing every day.

Over time I started getting these thoughts. who are you?

Who are you suppose to be? If you died today, what unique

talents  are you going to take with you?  What if you were

suppose to be the next Jim Rohn,  The next Les Brown,

the next Brian Tracy, the next Henry Ford, and you lived

your whole life and never found that out. 

Ever sense 2014 I have been butting heads with fear.

Hill tells us, fear is a state of mind, and we can control our

Mind, that means we can control fear.  We can learn how

to conquer fear by taking life on, through self development,

being part of a mastermind, like we have here at Think And

Grow Rich Lessons, made up of like minded people from

Around the world.  The Six Ghost Of Fear are between me

And my dreams! It has not been easy taking these ghost on,

However it is getting easier.  Thanks to the truthful accurate

Information we get here at Think And Grow Rich Lessons,

the Six Ghost Of Fear, they are not as big as they use to be.


Thanks to everybody who make up this great master mind

That we have here Mentoring For Free, Think And Grow Rich Lessons,

 This system has helped me out way beyond what

I thought was possible.