Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Wiley Price Lake Worth, FL, USA

Posted: 2017-08-01

Fear is what I have I fear the unknown I fear success. My fear realization moment was when I was reading this chapter and realizing I really fear what others will think of me cause I have friends that have been my down fall my avatrocus around my neck but I don't know how to get free of them. See I have been around these people all my life the smartest thing I have done to get free is seek out a mentor someone new and I am sure I have found that in Nathan Grimes. I said Grimes not Gimms fairy tale, I just need to find new friends.

My biggest uha moment is when I talked to Michael Dlouhy and when I read this chapter and really looked at what I was afraid of, I still don't know if I will be able to escape. I just have to trust in God and my newly found friends. I always thought I was getting out of the Getto mindset, I've made some progress, but it seems for every one step that I make life knocks me back two.

It is not easy coming up in a African American sitting but I am sure that I will make it I have one ray of HOPE I can hang in there. I have had some successes like when I attend International telegraph and telephone (ITT), I GRADUATED and when I GRADUATED high school with my GED or when I was awarded my certificate for most improved work ethic, yes I have had some successes and some failures. But my biggest fear is the fear of the unknown.

I have an extensive back ground in Computers and I recently made a decision to make a go for Network Marketing as a career I hope that I can stick to it? So far I've been sticking. COME ON GUYS DON'T LET ME DOWN and if there is any new friends out there let yourself be known by proving your contact info to