Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Derrick Szpotek Wayne, MI, United States

Posted: 2017-07-26

Somewhere in the cell-structure of the brain, is located an organ which receives vibrations of thought ordinarily called “hunches.” So far, science has not discovered where this organ of the sixth sense is located, but this is not important. The fact remains that human beings do receive accurate knowledge, through sources other than the physical senses. Such knowledge, generally, is received when the mind is under the influence of extraordinary stimulation.

I first will say that " I have experienced this at an earlier age, for whatever reasons, maybe due to the trauma I went through when I was younger, but I've had times where I knew instinctively to avoid going into a certain area because I felt danger was ahead.

Also, I want to discuss my experience with the "Sixth Sense" in a particular aspect of my life. I am an author of Poetry. I have written many poems in the past that have been "Inspired" by a thought or thoughts of mine or the suggestions of others. I receive something, which I had not discovered before the moment of writing, that just flows on paper, instantaneously one line after the other, rhyming with the previous line, and relevant to the ideas that began my writing in the first place.

Sometimes I have to think of something, and other times it just comes to me, as if I was on autopilot. I see now that my Creative mind received these words from the Infinite knowledge that I had not already known. My "sixth sense" delivered thoughts that produced feelings, and words that I could not have done without it being present. It was as if it came from someone or somewhere else. A particular time, it was Mothers Day, and my Wife and I had no money to get either Mother a gift.

My wife suggested I write a poem to them. Somehow, from my "sixth sense" I know now, I wrote on of the most beautiful poems I've ever written, and I did it in a 20min period, without stopping. My creative mind received these thoughts, and I just wrote and wrote and knew it was done right when I stopped.

Now, most times, but not all, I can say that this is how I've written the best poetry I ever produced. I know how good they were because I read them right after, and it was like I was reading someone else's writing. I have been astonished many times while reading my poems, and amazed asking " where did that come from." It came from "inspiration", also considered here as a "sixth sense" as you will understand in my next sentences here.

I am excited now thinking about those times, and learning that it was more than just my creative mind, it was a 'sixth sense' during which I was able to follow the rhyme schemes and produce the next line, and these were not just for others, but given to me, from the infinite intelligence - sometimes spiritual writings, and sometimes hard life lessons.

I realize that the author of the chapter related 'sixth sense' primarily on a split second reaction to an emergency, where a driver would avoid an accident.

I've experienced that too, but the 'sixth sense' of knowing what lines to write next in my poetry just hit me as more relevant while I read the chapter.

I hope that's ok, and I hope the readers of MFF see my relation to the subject of "sixth sense" knowing that I do realize there are other circumstances where I have had "sixth sense" moments too.