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Ken Klemm Spring Hill, FL, USA

Posted: 2017-07-26

Why Robot Cars & Trucks May
Never Be Ready for Prime Time
on Public Roads

Ride-share company Uber tested some driverless cars 
recently in California. They failed miserably, getting 
into accidents.

Now, these cars are very intelligent. They are 
programmed with all the rules of the road. They have 
state-of-the-art sensors and are completely aware of 
their surroundings.

So, what is the problem?

Human drivers. 

Human beings don’t always follow rules and are not 
always rational. They are emotional, and often do 
unexpected things.

Many humans view driving as a challenge, a competition. 
They may cut a robot off to vie for a better position. 
They may also be evil - deliberately colliding with a 
robot so as to sue its owner for damages.

Humans are better defensive drivers than robots. They 
are equipped with emotions, unlike their robot 

They know to expect the unexpected. They learn from 
their road experiences.

Of course, great leaps are being made in the 
development of AI (Artificial Intelligence)...machines 
that can learn through experience, and actually grow 
new digital synapses.

(In the human brain, synapses are connections between 
neurons - brain cells. Humans create new synapses 
throughout their lives. The average human brain has 
about 1,000 trillion synaptic connections.)

But humans have something an AI robot will never 
have... Something that is tied to the emotional and 
spiritual aspects of humans:

A Sixth Sense.

Not only can we benefit from our years of Observation 
and Experience (specialized knowledge) - we can also 
know the unknowable. We get hunches and gut feelings 
about things before they happen.

We receive flashes of insight from the future we call 
deja vu.

(I believe deja vu experiences are actually messages 
from our immediate future selves. That’s why they feel 
like memories - they are memories in reverse!)

AI does not, and cannot, have these.

So, there are only two ways robot vehicles can operate 

1. Operate on their own self-contained roadway systems, 
as in railroads; or

2. Congress would have to outlaw humans from operating 
their vehicles on pubic roads. (Unlikely, as I doubt 
folks would tolerate a loss of freedom of that degree. 
Oh yes, pedestrians would need to be outlawed as well.)

Most likely, driverless cars will not appear until they 
can fly.

Your Friend and Servant,

Ken Klemm

P.S. The Sixth Sense is actually the First Sense. Fully 
developed and active at our birth, it becomes buried 
under overwhelming mounds of input from our five 
physical senses - and suggestions of disbelief.