Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Kristen Burnett Fairhope, Alabama, United States

Posted: 2017-07-26

The sixth sense has aided me both in avoiding danger and reaping the benefits of answering a "calling". First, I'll recount the instance of danger. 


As a college student in fall 2011, I came home from classes to an empty townhome ( all except for 2 cats). Unlocking the door and walking in felt different than normal; it felt a bit ominous. As I walked up the stairs to change clothes into something more comfortable, the usually unattentive cats were weaving their way in and out of the path of my feet- to the point it was causing me to trip. I tried to shrug it off and talk myself down knowing how much general paranoia I have had throughout my life. I walked into my Mom's room to look for one of the cats and saw something laying out on her perfectly made bed. It was a family heirloom that only stayed in her jewelry drawer, that she never took out. I called her at work an hour away to ask if she had removed the item, and through confusion about why I was asking, insisted she never even wears the jewelry most days, so there is no way she could have left it out. 


Immediately I knew that someone had been in our house. I ran and left to a friends, called the police and tried to calm down. When they came later that evening to investigate, they made a point to emphasize the method of burglary was so cautious, with them taking care to place everything back, that it was highly likely they were in the house hiding at the time I was in there, having left the item on the bed as they tried to frantically find somewhere to hide. I thank God and whatever senses I had that day that protected me from danger. 



As for my blessing, I have felt a calling to learn languages and study the cultures of other people, after having studied several, one really called out to me-Portuguese. I began to self teach since there is nowhere in the vicinity to either meet up with a personal coach or take classes. The more I learned, I would get questions from peers and family asking " why in the world Portuguese?!", and I would tell them, " I just feel a need to do it, I feel like I need to speak it, to help someone later". 

During and following this time of intense studying, I was suffering my usual health issues, but so much worse, debilitating stomach problems that caused me to lose my job. I wanted to not even continue to face life, because I had lost my faith as well. I had been talking with a Brazilian friend through Facebook, in the middle of one of my rough nights. Through us speaking Portuguese and English, both, to help each other, he told me something that when translated to English, changed my perspective. Somehow, hearing it in another language spoke faith into my heart, and told me I could keep going. And more than this, it reaffirmed my calling in learning the language, which made me feel purpose again. 


These senses are so amazing, likewise inexplicable, but I also call them God. I believe He ( and whatever you believe, respectively) gives us this knowledge. 


Thank you for letting me be a part of this group, I have a great feeling I will have much self growth here.


Kristen Burnett, Decatur AL, US