Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ray Lalonde Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Posted: 2017-07-25

Chapter 14: The sixth sense

The sixth sense: The door to the temple of wisdom.

The SIXTH SENSE is that portion of the subconscious mind which has been referred to as the creative imagination.

It has also been referred to as the “receiving set” through which ideas, plans, and thoughts flash into the mind.

The “flashes” are sometimes called “hunches” or “inspirations”.

The sixth sense probably is the medium of contact between the finite mind of man and Infinite Intelligence,

and for this reason, it is a mixture of both the mental and the spiritual.

Through the aid of the sixth sense, you will be warned of impending dangers in time to avoid them, and notified

of opportunities in time to embrace them.

The next best thing to being truly great, is to emulate the great, by feeling and action, as nearly as possible