Think & Grow Rich Lessons
George Freelen Livingston, TX, US

Posted: 2017-07-25

Chapter 14

The Sixth Sense

The door to the Temple of Wisdom (The Thirteenth Step toward Riches)


The sixth sense has been referred to as that portion of the subconscious as the creative imagination. This sixth sense cannot be understood or describe by a person that has not mastered the other principles of the philosophies in ‘Think and Grow Rich.’ Reading this I immediately went back through the book and looked at the other 12 principles.

The Sixth Sense come through the understanding that thoughts are thing things, in the first chapter a person thought his way into success, a partnership with the famous Thomas A. Edison. He did this by developing a burning (1) Desire, a starting point for all achievement. That Burning Desire was made possible through (2) Faith which was brought about through visualization. Faith is a state of mind that which may be induced by (3) Autosuggestion. Autosuggestion is a medium for influencing the subconscious mind, when properly used will develop individual experiences into (4) Specialized Knowledge.

The (5) principle is Imagination. The imagination is the workshop of the mind, which man may have direct communication with Infinite Intelligence. (6) Organized Planning is the crystallization of desire and put our thoughts in a desired action. With these actions, we were able to conquer the mastery of procrastination through (7) Decision. Then we were taught that (8) Persistence was necessary to induced faith. In (9) we learned that the driving force behind developing the Sixth Sense is the Power of the Mastermind. The greatest stimulant of the Sixth Sense is (10) Mystery of Sex Transmutation. The very soul of the Sixth Sense is (11) Subconsicous Mind. Then it is pointed out in (12) The Brain is the broadcasting and receiving station for thought.

If we have mastered each of these 12 principles, we can start to understand and accept the claims made about the Sixth Sense. The door to the Temple of Wisdom a “Guardian Angel”.

George Freelen

San Antonio, Texas