Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Marty Roe Pine Bluff, Arkansas, United States

Posted: 2017-07-25

Chapter  14

The Sixth Sense

From The Book

Think And Grow Rich,


There  comes to your aid, and to do your bidding, with

The development of the sixth sense, a guardian angel”

who will open to you at all times the door to the temple

of wisdom.

In the last chapter Hill talked about the Intangible force,

We can’t see it, we can’t measure it, we can’t weigh it,

We can’t smell it.  One things for sure it’s there and

We can learn how to work with it.  On Monday’s call

Michael talked about how he had walked away from

A bad car wreck, and how his guardian angel had saved

His life, and he knew it was now time to write the

Success In 10 Steps ebook, which led to the Mentoring

For Free system.

I feel like my guardian angel bugged me into coming here.

I started thinking about what younique talents do I have

That I am not using?  I better start now and find out what

That is.  I believe everybody has younique talents of some

Kind, if we just let life happen to us day in and day out

we will never find out what those younique talents are.

Michael and Linda Dlouhy  have learned how to work

With the Intangible force, and they are now helping

us learn how to work with the intangible force.


Thank you Michael and Linda,

For this Think And Grow Rich Lessons program.

Thanks to Michaels guardian angel.

Thanks to everybody who take’s part in this

Program day in and day out.