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Posted: 2017-07-25


THE Element of FAITH which I ENDEAVORED TO IMITATEmy idols.

SIX SENSE became stronger and untsable expect through years of meditation, self-examintion and serious thought.

THE thirteeth principle is known as the six sense.

THE six sense is a portion of our subconsious mind which can be referred to our Creative Imagination.

Through our Creative Imagination we can experience flashes which are called hunches or inspirations.

I have had inpirations throughout my life it took me awhile to understand why this would happen to me.

There were times I would dream ,feel or see things for a slpit second of something  that was going to happen.MY INSPIRATIONS

were beautiful or bad.

WHEN I WAS lisening to my ELDER HE TOLDthat I had 13 grandmothers walking with me all the time to protect me . THEnumber 13 means a SPIRITUAL TOOL FOR meI choose to go to 13 MOONS CEREMONIES for cleaning my soul and getting closer  to  .

EVERY TIME WHEN SOMETHING GOES WRONG i HEAR YOU IN MY HEAD. THE closer I get to where I have to go the safer I feel. MENTORING FOR FREE has changed my life SO MUCH I 

am totally grateful to you MICHAEL  AND  LINDA  TAKE CARE   MARINA