Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Christine Lewis-anderson Bronx, NY, USA

Posted: 2017-07-22

Chapter 14 : The Sixth Sense


We all have a sixth sense. We  just have to develop it. Over the years, things happen to us. People say things to us. However, it is not until many years later, that we realize the meaning of these events.


For instance, we all grow up with people who we know and love. Over the years, we get to know each others' likes and dislikes; or strength and needs. Hence, when we move on, we still keep them in our 

hearts and thoughts.


No matter where we go, they are remembered. Therefore, when something happens in their lives, we sense it. They are just always on our minds. Whether or not it is good news, we just sense it. Then, they 

contact us. They subconsciously, let us know what they are up to. They speak to us indirectly, rather than directly. They are reaching out to us in a mysterious way.


When we know people, the sixth sense, or hunches, let us know what they are up to. This gift is valuable because it allows us to help ourselves by helping others. When we "know" people, it is almost as though 

they live right next door.


The reason we have a sixth sense is to help save lives. The more experience we have in a certain area, the better we become at resolving it. Just because many of us have this talent, we can work together to 

reduce risks.


We communicate by any means possible. We use eye contact, smiles or body language. We do what we must in order to prevent mistakes from occurring. We work together to prevent the unnecessary.

Thank God for the sixth sense. 


Thank you Linda and Michael Dlouhy and the MFF family.