Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ken Klemm Spring Hill, FL, USA

Posted: 2017-07-05

The Divine Energy

The energy behind the creation of all that is...truly 
the most powerful force in the universe.

When the Creator said, “Let us make man in our image,” 
the ensuing gifts were not only willpower and the 
ability to reason, but also the power to create. The 
most basic expression of that power is sex energy.

While we share that energy with all living things, we - 
by our nature - can transfer it into any area we can 
imagine...thus tapping into the power of creation 

Understanding Sex Transmutation is easy if we look at 
the simplest example of it - something we also share 
with the Creator: The way we parents feel about our 
children. That Love is unique and has a kind of power 
unfathomable to those who were never yet parents.

Permit me to illustrate with a brief bit of fiction...

The Barrier to the Divine

I was judgmental, consumed by anger and hatred toward 
those who had wronged me - those who stole from me, 
lied and hurt me in several ways. The powerful negative 
energy completely obscured my capacity to love, to 
attract good things into my life.

I was ungrateful, angry with God, and judged Him guilty 
of bringing nothing but misery into my life.

One night a dreamt I had a meeting with the Almighty. I 
was asked, “You’ve become an accomplished judge of 
what’s good and what’s evil. I am curious...with what 
criteria do you use to decide?”

I replied, “If something benefits me or others, it is 
good. If something harms me or others, it is evil.”

“What if your good conflicts with someone else’s evil?”

Hmmm...had me there!

Then He said, “I have a dilemma. Two minutes from now 
someone must pass on and leave this world.  I would 
like you, with your judging ability, to assist me with 

Suddenly standing before us were my daughter Cynthia 
and my son Jeremy. The Almighty commanded, “You must 
choose which one goes and which one stays.”

For more than a minute I begged and pleaded not to deal 
with this terrible choice, but He said, “Time is almost 
up. You judge. You must choose!”

Finally I shouted with all my strength, “No Lord! Take 
me! Leave my children alone! Take me instead!”

He smiled and gently spoke, “Now you are beginning to 
understand how I feel about you.”

The Magic of Forgiveness

The Law of Balance is best understood in Newton’s third 
law of motion - for every action, there is an equal and 
opposite reaction.

The Master taught we must forgive in order to be 
forgiven. Forgiving those who wronged us does not 
benefit them, nor does it excuse what they did. But its 
benefit to us is priceless.

Holding the energy of wrongs within our hearts creates 
a singularity - a kind of black hole - from which 
emotional energy cannot escape. With no outlet, this 
energy slowly poisons us - and those whom we connect 
with. It attracts more and more negative energy and 
draws it inward.

Forgiveness releases and reverses the singularity - 
allowing the energy to escape and leave us. We then 
have the capacity to express outward flowing emotions 
such as Love.

According to the Law of Balance, when we radiate Love 
outward - we attract more of it toward ourselves.

Your Friend and Servant,

Ken Klemm

P.S. “Judge not, lest ye be judged.” ~ Jesus of