Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Tuula Rands West Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Posted: 2017-07-05

Chapter 10 - The Mystery of Sex Transmutation

When I was a child there was a Hall in every community.
Every Saturday night they would have a dance and everyone
in the community went to the dance - children, parents,
grandparents, single people and married people and 
everyone danced with everyone.  No one was left out.

So we learned to dance at a very early age and I LOVE

When I was older I took dance classes.  Not the kind 
people take their children to today.  This was an
Arthur Murray dance class.  I learned how to do 
more intricate steps than I learned at the hall when
I was a child and I learned how to do dances that I didn't
even know existed when I was a child and I LOVED IT.


Dancing takes energy.   Dancing gives you energy.

I can take that energy from my "Dancing Memories" and
use it to build my Network Marketing business.  I can
find new partners everyday and as we talk and visit we
will find out if they are willing to learn the steps
the same as I did as a child of innocence being new to
the business or as a mature adult failing in Network Marketing
for years but willing to learn a Tango or the Cha Cha and practicing
the new steps and skills until they become second nature just as dancing does.

Dancing and riding a bicycle are the same in that, once you
learn how, you never forget.

Sometimes we have to Waltz slowly in the steps to success
and other times it is time to Polka or Jive when we
want to progress much quicker.  

Sex transmutation is like dancing in our business - 
Energy that is used and changed to create something new.

Waltz or Tango, anyone?

Tuula Rands