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James Lombard Dublin, Leinster, Ireland

Posted: 2017-07-05

Ctrl/                                                                             The Mystery of Sex Transmutation


“The mind is a creature of habit. It thrives upon the dominating thoughts fed it. Through the faculty of will power, one may discourage the presence of any emotion and encourage the presence of any other. Control of the mind through the power of will is not difficult. Control comes from persistence and habit. The secret of control lies in understanding the process of transmutation.” Transmutation is “the changing, or transferring of one element, or form of energy, into another”.


The book Think and Grow Rich is about cleansing the mind of negative emotions so that it is set free to be stimulated by positive ones. It is based on the principle that no mind stimulant will work unless the mind is freed from the limitations of negative fears, inhibitions, slavery to the opinions of others and the negative control of cultural influences. If you free up your mind it will bring you riches.


The principle of autosuggestion is persistently holding a desire in one’s mind so that by some practical means it impels the author to seek its fulfilment. In item number 3 of the Five Steps to Developing Self-Confidence in the chapter on faith, Hill says: “I know through the principle of autosuggestion, any desire I persistently hold in my mind will eventually seek expression through some practical means of attaining the object back of it; therefore I will devote ten minutes daily to demanding of myself the development of self-confidence.” Edwin Barnes didn’t need to sit down and repeat his self-talk over and over because the autosuggestion of his self-talk had become part of his very existence; it dominated his thinking every waking moment. It was a dominant habit and part of his make-up.


 Without a ‘Why’ or purpose that brings us to tears and a self-talk that sustains and feeds it, we are lost souls; and, we need emotional energy to give life to both. Strong feelings impel to action, the most powerful being the emotion of sex tempered by love; that means the emotion must be controlled by an effort of will and channelled to the attainment of our life’s goal through transmutation. The ten emotional stimuli, according to Hill, which ‘key up’ the mind and place it in a position to be receptive to ideas that could not reach the individual in other circumstances are: (1) The desire for sex expression, (2) love, (3) A burning desire for fame, power, financial gain, or money, (4) Music, (5) Friendship between those of the same sex or those of the opposite sex, (6) A Master Mind alliance of two or more people who ally themselves for spiritual or temporal advancement, (7) Mutual suffering, such as that experienced by people who are persecuted, (8) Autosuggestion, (9) Fear, (10) Narcotics and alcohol.


Edwin C Barnes was surely a driven person. It is difficult to pinpoint exactly why. We know that he wanted to become the business partner of the great inventor, Edison, but one could still ask, why did he want this? The reason he wanted this was the source of the emotional energy that drove him to make the sacrifices he made. He spent 5 years doing a menial job as a janitor in order to reach his intensely desired goal. The emotional energy that drove him was inextricably a part of his life-purpose and we can only conjecture what it was. We know that when he became successful he devoted a lot of time as a member of the rotary club helping the poor of Chicago and, from the records of his early life, there is no mention of the influence of a woman. Perhaps it was a burning desire for fame, power, financial gain or money which is number 3 in Hill’s list of the 10 mind stimulants. At any rate, the stimulation drove him to success. He made use of the creative faculty of imagination while observing Edison at close quarters by devising how to market his inventions and, when the opportunity arose, he was ready with an organized plan.  Cmd+V


Do you know what emotional energy is driving you?


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