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Ben Drake West Ryde, NSW, Australia

Posted: 2017-07-05

Searching for the love that always wanted within my own life at the same time believing that the love was looking for was with someone else that having their love would make it all ok was the main area that sent that love onto for many years. It caused many years of continued hurt and boy was I so wrong with that love being with someone else.

That love that spent many years seeking happened to be the love that had within myself over the years. Having gone through a couple of relationships which really were only Sex to the other person that emotional energy of seeking love was seeking came back in that form for not only myself but also those two relationships.

The question that gets asked time and time again, was it genuine love when You sleep with the person. One ends up pregnant and then the guy is gone, he either breaks up with her, stops getting in touch with this woman. She has his child who may be unable to even know their father owing to the pair’s relationship never truly working out. The emotional energy of Sex and wanting to sleep together got her pregnant and ends up raising the kids, was there when the pair slept with each other, however that was all it was there was no genuine love for each other.

For many years I personally searched for the love that was seeking until became aware that it meant learning to love who Ben was, that meant accepting the abilities that had with health and focusing on being the healthiest could be. At the same time accepting that had grown up with a family who barely knew love themselves.

Part of the key is showing that love that have for our own life partner and remembering those happy times with them. It may be remembering Your wedding day, the day of Your Childs birth, Your first hug with Your partner, Your honeymoon with Your wife. I am needing to remember that love when times are hard, yes it may mean sharing that emotional love that have for those people with those within my own life.

That love that held within for many years which was too scared to come out is starting to come out. It is safe now to express its self with those who mean the world, it can be a simple hug with my wife or giving my son a cuddle, changing his nappy, feeding him, a shower with him. Our own emotional energy that we give will come back to us.

Thank You to my amazing wonderfulful friends and mentors Ken Klemm, Linda and Michael Dlouhy, for helping me to find that love again. To learn to love as was meant to, knowing that eventually I am going to achieve my goals and dreams by helping those who are willing. Thanks to my amazing wife Jenny for her own love and ongoing support.

Your friend for life,

All my love and a huge hug,

Ben Drake,

West Ryde NSW Australia