Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Liz Pimenta Portimao, Algarve, Portugal

Posted: 2017-07-04

This is only the second time I've read this chapter and it seems Napoleon Hill, hit the nail on the head. Everything described made sense to me. 

When Napoleon Hill talked about the emotions of sex and transmutation, I immediately pictured Caravaggio's Mary Magdalena in Ecstasy. Because of her sixth sense (I believe), she was transported by angels to God seven times a day. She heard the choirs of angels. In this painting, she's going through an intense emotional feeling that is what I believe what he's describing.

As I'm a creatIive person, I can appreciate how he describes using the sixth sense to tap into something greater than us. I truly believe that we all posses a sixth sense and have the ability to create what we would consider magic. I've done it myself. Shocking not only me, but others. It's truly surreal. But opening ourselves up to believing that there is more and that harnessing that sixth sense can lead us far beyond where we've ever thought, is a must to succeed.

When I was younger, I loved to draw. I'm the youngest of four and often played alone. Which is fine, because I was able to let my imagination run wild! I drew, I built my own doll house, I sewed Barbie clothes...All before I was a teenager. I allowed myself to imagine everything and bring those to life.

When I was a tween, music became a huge part of my life. I continued to draw and be creative and became obsesses with music. 

When I was a teenager, I continued with the music and drawing, and I somehow found that I could get what I wanted. If I talked to the right people and made things happen, I got what I wanted. For example, I had a huge crush on a guy who looked like Curt Cobain of Nirvana. Well, somehow we ended up dating for 4 years in high school. I made it happen. I imagined it, I wanted it, I felt the emotions and voila.

To this day, I'm still able to make this happen with certain things. And I think now, I'm figuring out how to make it happen with wealth. By following my gut and intuition and doing what I feel is necessary, even if it means eliminating things or people from my life who are not in line with my goals, I am. Because, I'm too old for drama!! Lol And my goal is to have a happy, full filled life where we can do what we want, when we want and to help others do the same.

I'm ready to focus more on and turning my dream into a reality. I feel very blessed to be here with you all to be able to do this. Another shout out to Tony Harnett for his continued support.

Liz Pimenta