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Martin Hall Stourbridge, West Midlands, United Kingdom

Posted: 2017-06-28

There are many reasons why people fail in Network Marketing.

Sometimes a so-called opportunity is an out and out scam. They promise hopelessly unrealistic profits.They say that there's a downline of thousands just waiting for you(do they know it yet?).

Sometimes the training they offer is either misguided or hopelessly inadequate. They tell you to recruit, recruit, recruit! but never give any advice on how to sell their products. They encourage you to be overly aggressive(sel, sell, sell!) when what you should be doing is listening to your customers to find out what sort of people they are and what they want. Worst of all(and I've experienceed this personally) they tell you to start your business by approaching your friends and family(Oh well, pehaps you didn't want top go to your sister's this Christmas anyway).

However, worse than all of the above is the company that offers you hardly any training at all. They offer you a leaflet or point you in the direction of a badly constructed website. You try to contact your upline but, for a variety of reasons, they're just never available. You're simply left to "sink or swim". Now I once got a degree in Law by distance learning(it was all I could afford). I know that it'sdarned difficult to learn on your own. If there's something you don't understand you can't ask anybody for help(at least you can't do it easily). It takes you much longer to learn things than by attending lectures etc. I can see why, with respect to Network Marketing, when faced with the alternative of "sink or swim", most people sink.

The real tragedy here is that it teaches the person whose sunk that the failure is all their fault.

Of course it isn't.

Here at Mentoring For Free we have the solutions to these problems. The training we receive, both written and "on the job", is excellent. There is ALWAYS someone you can ask for help if you're in difficulty. To put it simply everyone at Mentoring For Free can use the services of a perfect mastermind group. Indeed none of my questions has ever remained unanswered.

Building a business can be a daunting task. Im glad that I'm not alone.

Martin Hall     Stourbridge     West Midlands     United Kingdom