Think & Grow Rich Lessons
James Lombard Dublin, Leinster, Ireland

Posted: 2017-06-28

Ctrl/Cmd+V                                                                       Power of the Master Mind


“Examination of the three major sources of knowledge will readily disclose the difficulty an individual would have, if he depended upon his efforts alone, in assembling knowledge and expressing it through definite plans in terms of action.  If his plans are comprehensive, and if they encompass extensive activity, he must, generally, induce others to co-operate with him before he can inject into them the necessary element of power”. The three major sources of knowledge to which Hill refers in the above quotation are (1) Infinite Intelligence. (2) Accumulated experience. (3) Experiment and research.


Network marketing involves so many skills and subsets of skills and requires a very high level of personal competence and organization for one to be successful at it. While in my last network marketing company, I can recall sitting in hotel foyers on a Saturday waiting for prospects to turn up. After a short exchange of chit chat to establish what the prospect’s background was, my presentation would begin. It would follow the pattern of showing what successful people in my upline had achieved, showing pictures of them and their monthly cheques. Then I would display some of my cheques and explain how that income was achieved. Finally, the close would come with the question whether they could see themselves earning such money. This was the type of presentation being advised by the leaders in my team. Unlike M.F.F., personal development was rarely mentioned except, maybe, to read a book for the purpose of making one a more efficient retailer or recruiter. Network marketing was seen as a numbers game: your success depended, you were told, upon the number of one to one presentations done. I would interview, say six people on a Saturday, give them some literature to take away and consider my proposition, and follow up during the week. On occasions, I would have a new distributor agreeing to start and then there was the business of helping and coaching which had to be done in addition to my own retail. 


There was no clear system, no masterminding, no coaching here. The prospects usually had no experience of network marketing and it was really difficult to explain the concept to them. Most lasted a month or perhaps two or three and I had to keep motivating them. What was lacking was the power of a team of mentors who had achieved success in the business of network marketing and who were willing to impart that knowledge, with no self-interested agenda, if I were willing to contribute to a master mind. I also had no definite purpose. I had a desire, but it was not clearly defined. There was no clear, tried and tested success system; what was recommended on one occasion, would be completely discarded later, depending on the feed-back or results.


Hill says: “Organized effort is produced through the co-ordination of effort of two or more people who work toward a definite end in a spirit of harmony”. A mentor in a master mind should have no agenda. In the business just described, you were valued only for the business you generated. Upline leaders would regularly phone to determine what output you and your team were likely to achieve. There was no harmony and the leaders were only self-interested in their bottom-line. Training was really only a pep-talk and there wasn’t any respect for your point of view. Because of this, the relationship generated no power and consequently the results were ineffectual.


The power of this master mind operates on three levels. Firstly it is a source of information on personal development and on how to operate a success system. Then it increases the energy and personal efficiency of the participants and lastly and, most importantly, it causes one to absorb power from Infinite Intelligence. As Napoleon Hill says: “When two or more people co-ordinate in a spirit of harmony and work toward a definite objective, they place themselves in position, through that alliance, to absorb power directly from the great universal storehouse of Infinite Intelligence”. 


                                                                                                                                           Regards and best wishes to all.


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