Think & Grow Rich Lessons
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Posted: 2017-06-27


HILL says;  Power is essenial for success in accumlalation of money. Plans are inert and useless, without sufficient Power TO TRANSLATE them into action.

WHEN I first started with Mentoring for FREE I didn't quite understand Hill's book or why I had to read it every week and write my own thoudhts about each chapter I read. 

The  chapter to MASTERMIND reminds of my group  I belong which is Mentoring for Free by Michael Dlouhy and Bob and Ken and rest of our wonderful family .  I  do listen

many times on the  calls and I appreciate what I hear  for many times on my journeys I can run into a negative world .When I do I  know who and where I am and I am not part of that any more .  MENTORING FOR FREE  teaches  me how to think and act differently I love this way of life.

HILL states; POVERTY and Riches often change places

Being born in a household in the 1950's  where there was poverty all around us and not much work in the small town or for my father who was a laborer.

IN the 1980's my dad won his money  he thought he won the world and his family back.I went to my dad and cried in his arms ,my mom wasthere and all my brothers for a few days 

until I told mydad that to stop giving money away and boozing because my brothers and I COULD SEE INSANITY happening .  IN the end my dad made the right deceicion of his life and  made his ok.

Today  I do have some definate plan of my furture of where I am going to be at the end of my life which is beside my mom. BEFORE THAT HAPPENS I want to be living close to my family so I need to save  more money for my future.THANK YOU  Michael &   LINDA     TAKE  CARE      Marina Schmidt