Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Marty Roe Pine Bluff, Arkansas, United States

Posted: 2017-06-26

Chapter  10

Power Of The Mastermind 

From The Book

Think And Grow Rich,


Mr. Carnegie Master Mind group consisted of a staff

Of approximately fifty men, with whom he surrounded

Himself,  for the definite purpose of manufacturing

And marketing steel.  He attributed his entire fortune

To the power he accumulated through this  “Master Mind.”


I once worked for a company that wanted 2 ideas a month

from everybody, and I mean everybody, you work there you

were suppose to turn in 2 ideas a month.  If it was getting

close to the end of the month and you had not turned any

ideas in, somebody would come looking for you, it seemed

the company did not want anybody slipping through the

cracks.  You would sometimes see the maintenance people

put peoples  idea to work in the shop, it made everybody

feel like they were being listen to! After working there for

3 years the company was bought out and moved I think

It went to the east coast somewhere.  Not long after I went to

Work for another company here in town, they had some

Good programs in place, however they did not promote

Them.  This company was a lot bigger than the other

Company I was in, a lot more departments, and 3 shifts.

In my department every day their was large amounts

Of scrap metal going out the door every day, because

I came from a Master Mind program, I got this great idea.

Some of the machine operators, are throwing less steel

Away then others, I told my Supervisor, why not have

A meeting in the break room with the machine

operators and find out how these guys that are wasting

less steel are setting their machines up, and maybe that

would help the other operators waste less steel.

I was told, we are not doing that, they want everbody to go

 straight to work when they come in.  In 20013 this company

shut our department down because, their way of dealing

with the scrap problem was to have these parts made

outside this country and shipped in.  There is no doubt in

my mind if this company were to implement the

Power Of The Master Mind it would be a lot more productive,

It would also create  Employees with better attitudes.

I sometimes run into somebody I use to work with from that

Company, and they tell me, it’s worse now than it was when

You were there.

This is a great Master Mind program we have here at Think

And Grow Rich Lessons, and I am glad to be a part of it!