Think & Grow Rich Lessons
John Wesley Gaddis Dolores, Colorado, United States

Posted: 2017-06-07

Chapter 7: Organized Planning

Persistence pays dividends

One of the items in the chapter that stood out the most to me is the need to stay persistent.  Its important to develop good plans from the beginning but until we put them into

action we can not really see how solid the plan is.  I like the point Hill makes that if your plan fails do not give up.  Simply develop another plan and put it into action.  Keep doing this until

you have found a plan that is solid and works.  Someone who is not persistent would give up after the first or second try but a successful person gets out of their comfort zone and pushes forward.

All successful people regardless of their endeavors had stumbling blocks along the way.  The only difference is they didn't give up and used that failure as a learning tool.


Master minds in everyday life


Having a master mind group is not only beneficial in our growth as people and entrepreneurs but also in everyday life.  We can see master mind groups at church, sport programs, scouting, schools and in just about any successful organization.  Typically the master mind groups in this instance are committees.  Most of the time all participants have the same goals for the betterment of the group participants.  

The committees that share their vision and goals for the group are usually very successful.  However, how Hill pointed out that if a mastermind groups members didn't have the same outlook or vision for the group then it would not succeed.  I am sure we have all been apart of a committee that wasn't successful because of this lack of unity among members.


Self-evaluation for personal growth

I found this section to be really hard to read.  That is because I could look back at myself and see allot of the evaluation points in my own life at one time or another.  But,  It is good to have and reference from time to time to ensure we keep moving forward and bettering ourselves.  Even if it is only one step at a time.


Thanks for Michael and Linda Dlouhy and the fellow mentors at Mentoring For Free for giving us this opportunity to grow ourselves and our business.

John Gaddis