Think & Grow Rich Lessons
nathaniel chambers Baltimore , Maryland, united states

Posted: 2017-06-07

As a business person, i've experienced, when i was starting my business, that depending on myself, was a safe way to be. Why, because, to me having complete control, was a way to oversee what was going on within my business space. By doing that, i really lost control of everything. Didn't have a Master Mind Group, that could, jointly perfected the necessary plan, or plans for the accumulation of money. In Chapter two, we were instructed, to take 6 definite practical steps, as your first move in translating the desire for money into its monetary equivalent. Every plan you adopt, in your endeavor to accumulate wealth, should be a joint creation of yourself and every other member of your "MASTER MIND" group. James J Hill and Henry Ford, experience tempory defeat, when they  didnt raise the necessary capital, for their businesses. They both realize, that they had to create new plans, for their companies. With their, Master Mind Groups. In other words, like with this mentor for free, platform, we are master minding, within the group, for better ideas, desisions, within this group. Linda and Mike Dhouly, has used their experiences to help all of us, towards a new business beginnings, towards Huge Business Careers. As always, Thank you both, for your time and experiences. God Bless!