Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ryan McChesney Tampa, Florida, United States

Posted: 2017-06-07

Chapter 7

Organized Planning


We've all been told in our life that we need to have a plan for our life. We need a plan for schooling, career, business, etc. I agree that we should have a plan, especially when it comes to business. But what most people don't realize is that you need organized planning. What is organized planning? Organized planning is done by as a mastermind. That mastermind can be just got and a mentor. As Hill suggests, when two minds come together through harmony, a third mind is produced.


I believe that you could create a plan by yourself. However, creating an organized plan with your mentor, your plan can become stronger and help you accelerate your development. Creating a plan with your mentor is like two batteries powering a device compared to one. The most important thing I have learned here at MFF is find a mentor that has what you want and is still doing it today.


How are you going to create your plan, by yourself? Or with a mentor?


Ryan McChesney

Tampa, Florida