Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Test Test Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

Posted: 2017-06-07


TI STATES; YOU have learned that everything man creates or acquires in the form of Desire , that derire is taken on the first lap of its journey , from the  abstract to the

concrete, into the workshop on the Imagination, where Plans for its transition  are created and organized.

            Before I SHARE ABOUT MY ORGANIZED GROUP  WHICH  I have faithfully went every Wednesday night  from 6 to 9;00pm for over one year now.  I

would like to share some of the positive qualities that I could see and feel from our Leader of the group.

SHE had a pleasing personality and was sympatic and understanding.

SHE would have her week planned and would never command from her followers .

SHE always treated us with respect and a sense of fairness and Justice.  

OUR leader was not dominatering and she was very aaprochable from the begining  if you lacked self control and self-confidence and courage was able to make you feel you are ok.

OUR leader also cared so much about the work we were doing and the finish product, she would hold up each one in the room she would be so proud because  her face would light up.

IN the past year I have learnt new NATIVE ARTS AND CRAFTS and how to make them and new human qualities about me   and whenever I spend time with these beautiful women I feel blessed.  WHEN WE TEACH EACH OTHER HOW TO MAKE BEAUTIFUL TRADITIONAL WORK time stands still and its quite I think you understand what I AM TRYING TO SAY.

I would like to thank  Michael and  Linda   Take Care  Love  Marina