Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Colleen Toye Mandeville, Louisiana, USA

Posted: 2017-06-06

When I was 8 years old I started my network marketing career.  I began by putting up a lemonaid stand on the corner of my street in my very small town in Minnesota.  From there, I went door to door selling fresh sweet corn that my uncle gave to me from his farm, 25 cents for a dozen ears. Then there was folding the monthly newspaper on Saturdays, to filling doughnuts at the local bakery for 65 cents an hour plus breakfast before school 3 days a week. My first check was spent on the first Beatles album.

I was a carhop, a model for J.C. Penney (while in college), a waitress, a clerk, a bank teller, a secretary, a hot walker (I'll tell you about that some other time) a pre-school teacher, an insurance saleswoman, a party planner, an Avon lady, and so on and so on.

There are so many other jobs that I had that it would take up the entire lesson to tell you about, but I have always worked.

Now, I used to be ashamed that I didn't have a "career" like so many of my classmates, such a teacher, an attorney, a nurse, etc. until I realized that I always had a job network marketing, no matter what I did.  I got hired by businesses because I was good at what I did.

I have learned so many things over that coarse of my life, by being flexible, trainable, persistent, positive, self-disciplined, and ambitious, that I now realize that this is what God had intened for me to do.

Because of my hard work over the years, I have helped my husband create a life that many people would be very envious of. Was all of it planned, no, but there was always a goal of some kind to reach.  Did we reach those plans, most of the time.

I am a very blessed woman.

Colleen Toye

Mandeville, LA