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John Smith Gloucester, Gloucestershire, UK

Posted: 2017-06-06


The Sixth Step toward Riches

Having bought and first glancing through ‘Think and Grow Rich’ in the mid-eighties and storing it undisturbed for some thirty years, for me, re-reading this chapter four years ago finally brought many things into proper focus. For pretty much the first time in my life I began to understand the need to plan my destination and work backwards to organize the journey rather than my previous 'take each day as it comes' plan.

I guess the first realization was that despite my then eighteen years in Network Marketing, some great, some, not so much, I was a novice when it came to understanding so many of the truly crucial parts of building stability and long term success.

Having been indoctrinated into, and teaching, the Recruit, Recruit, Recruit, Front end loading philosophy, in other words not a giver but a grabber or what we used to call a revolving door recruiter, reading Hills words, written in the early 20th. Century “The day of the “go-getter” has passed. He has been supplanted by the “gogiver.” Hit me like a cold shower.

Certainly, I had bought into using auto-suggestion or daily self-talk of a form. Looking back, I realized those attempts at self-talk was simply using words which seemed to fit the occasion, similar in many ways to a parrot, repeating phrases with no real understanding of the purpose. No real Imagination, Passion or Desire driving the words, just a hope for some sort of result.

This chapter, along with Michaels ‘Success in 10 Steps’ gave me many ‘light bulb’ moments, not least that my way of building, for short term reward with lousy Distributor retention had, like the dinosaurs, passed and would never return.

To readers who see a little of my story in themselves, my advice would be to change, and change faster than I did. Greens are slow to learn and adapt because we tend to feel we need all the information at our fingertips before deciding anything. Even worse in my case, I figured that having done just about ok previously, change was possibly riskier than ploughing on.

Another incredibly powerful ally in helping anyone turn dreams and desires into reality Hill also recommends is making use of the Mastermind Group principle. For many, this might read as their up-line group or company trainer. In my experience, such a group is more likely to be focused more on their own advancement than yours and you are a simply a cog in their machine. What’s needed is a much broader pool of knowledge and experience for us to tap into.

Henry Ford used a wide variety of people from different eras and experiences as his Mastermind Group, some long passed, others part of his daily life, in Mentoring for Free, we have direct access to highly experienced business owners, all of whom have already traveled the road we wish to travel and are willing to help us reach our own destination far faster and more certainly than would be possible on our own. What more powerful of a Mastermind Group could you ask for than one in which every member is fully involved in their own business yet happy to teach, guide and mentor without an agenda.

That said, the Mentoring for Free system is not a one-way street, there is a ‘fee’. In return for all the advice, training mentoring and support, we will be expected to listen, learn and contribute to as many of the free calls each week while reading and hopefully contributing toward this forum. Let’s call it our Ticket to Ride after the famous Beatles song.

John Smith, Gloucester UK