Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Tuula Rands West Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Posted: 2017-06-05

Chapter 7 Organized Planning

Everyone has the same amount of hours in a day and
how we use those hours all depends on what we think
is important and, by what we give importance to, is 
what we include in those hours each day.

We decide to build a Network Marketing business and
we know it will take time.  Whether we work at a job
or not, whether we are married or not,  whether we have
children or not, we all have a certain amount of time
that we figure we can use to build our business.

Once we decide the amount of time we will use to build our 
business we need to determine what we will do with that time.
Will we go out and talk to people face to face, will we build
it online, will we use social media, or will we use all
of these methods?

When we decide on our method or methods then the big question is
how much time do we spend doing the action and how much time
do we spend thinking about doing it.  It is just so easy to
tell ourselves we are doing our business when we are actually 
"thinking" about doing our business.   

Do we spend more time reading profiles than we do actually making
connections?  Do we spend more time scrolling the timeline
on Facebook than we do in actually connecting with someone?
When we go to talk to people about our business face to face,
do we actually talk to the people or do we just think about 
talking to people and then tell ourselves "I couldn't find 
anyone to talk to" even though there was a store full of people.  

The title of this chapter is Organized Planning -

Organized planning is supposed to get us into action so what
we need to ask ourselves is "what does our action really consist

Tuula Rands