Think & Grow Rich Lessons
robert tucker Bay Point, California, United States

Posted: 2017-06-05


You can never get anything your want if it's not organized throught the thought of the mind

through your imagination workshop. Now is the time to take action in putting it all together

using your  "Master Mind" group in supporting in helping you carry out your plan once

you've gotten your group together with perfect harmony. The author says that no individual

has the ability of doing it themselves and that a group must be established to to help jointly

perfect the neccessary plan for your success by keeping perfect harmony within the group.


Every good desire always has some setback and that is why you and your "Master Mind

group should have more than one plan if the first plan does not work keep replacing the 

plan if the other does not work. Everything starts from a  blueprint which has the design

and instruction on how it must be formed all this comes through the organized planning

of your ' Master Mind" group. It's very true that "No man is ever whipped, until he quits

in his own mind therefore the group can support the individual have success by having

the right organized plan.


There is a saying that say; " If You Can't Follow You Can't Lead" that is very true how

can you lead anyone if you can't follow? The author explains about the two types of people

Those that leads and those that follow  the individual or his gropu must decide  who will

be the one to lead and that every successful person have also been good followers also

the person the author says that can follow very carefully can develops into leadership

very quickly and gain knowledge for their success through organized planning.Every

leader must have the attributes of a good leader for to lead the organized planning

group for the success of it's members.

Robert Tucker, Bay Point, California, United States