Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ken Klemm Spring Hill, FL, USA

Posted: 2017-06-04


Performing SERVICE for others is the root of all 
commerce and economy - locally, regionally and 
globally. It is what gives currency its VALUE. Doing 
things for others they would rather not do for 

Here is what is interesting: Most folks with an 
EMPLOYEE MENTALITY believe they are owed a check just 
for showing up.

If I were Your boss, I would first ask, “What SERVICE 
did You give this week?”

If You replied, “I brought You Your coffee all week,” 
my answer would be, “That is a common courtesy. I would 
not expect You to pay me for brining YOU coffee.”

Now, if You replied, “I kept the floors and aisles 
clean all week,”
my answer would be, “Well done, good 
Servant! You provided an attractive and safe 
environment for our customers. You have indeed earned a 
claim against the services of Your fellow men and 
women. There is dignity in ALL Service. ”


One of the things that really frosts my drawers: When a 
Leader builds a team under someone, or an employer 
hires someone to supervise a team - and the supervisor 
tells the leader, “These are MY people now. Leave them 

A Manager says, “Do this and don’t do that!”

A LEADER says, “Watch what I do - and if it works, then 
I will help You do it too.”

A Manger dreams up schemes and throws other folks into 
the fray like cannon fodder.

A LEADER FOLLOWS a proven, blazed trail and leaves 
breadcrumbs along the way for others to Follow.

Your Friend and Servant,

Ken Klemm - Florida, USA

P.S. Managers tell their Student/Clients, “You need to 
post Lessons.” LEADERS post Lessons.

(Reminds me of the guy who asked a passerby at a fork 
in the road, “Hey! Did You see a crowd of people come 
by here awhile ago?”

“Yeah, a really BIG crowd!”

“Would You please tell me which way they went? I am 
their leader.”)