Think & Grow Rich Lessons
nathaniel chambers Baltimore , Maryland, united states

Posted: 2017-05-31

The Imagination, is literally the workshop werein are fashioned all plans created by god to man. The impulse, the DESIRE, is given shape, form, and ACTION through the aid of imaginative facuty of the mind. Michael Jackson, aka MJ, was a prime example, of the faculty experiance. Why, because, his imagination, was like a starship, exploring, the revolution, of his own creations, towards being the King Of Pop! He has harnessed the ether, and made it serve as a means of instantaneous communication with any part of the world. Michael Jackson, used the Synthetic Imagination, from other artists styles, and fabricated them into the Creative Imagination. With his creative new ideas, by combining the two faculties together. The world loved him for it, because, in their eyes, his entertaining, was something they could idenify with, because they, imitated, theirselves as him, because of him. Keep in mind as you follow these principles, that the entire story of how one may convert DESIRE into money cannot be told in one statment. The story will be complete,only when one has MASTERED, ASSIMILATED, and BEGUN TO MAKE USE of all the principles. As always, THANKS TO LINDA AND MICHAEL DHOULY. for being a Big Inspiration, to all of Else. May God Continue To Bless You Both!