Think & Grow Rich Lessons
robert tucker Bay Point, California, United States

Posted: 2017-05-30

The Mind That Works Wealth

As a man thinks so is he. Man can never be his bestself unless he sees himself being great at what he desire.

This topic Imagination is such a very good one on the workshop of our minds where it says all things are fasioned

by man as he thinks himself to become. the othe day I was sent an email from a friend ,and when I saw the movie

in the email I saw a man hovering above the water standing on a platform of a air power machine; what power that

our minds can fashion if we just use our faith in what we believe to be creative. The author tells that our minds has

a two form faculty which consist of "synthetic imagination' and the other "creative imagination" he says that both of

these imaginations become more alert with use,just as any musle or organ of the body develops through using with


The working out Of The Imagination

The word action is what I call a power word that I believe in getting things done, the mind of man needs to be active

daily always revived thinking on positive things of tangible sources like being healthy and even being wealthy with a 

great plan for success in the things you desire to have,and all this will come about through your thoughts and imagination.

The author also talk about how to make; practical use of our imagination through ideas, a person can never have what

they want unless an idea comes to the thoughts then when action is taken then the imagination will began to create the

desire when using the imagination this is a wonderful way to have success when the unstanding of how the imagination


Robert Tucker, bay point California, United States