Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ingrid Camacho SPOKANE VALLEY, WA, United States

Posted: 2016-02-09

The other day I was at the lake with my family fishing.   While walking on the trail near the lake I saw a young man wearing a orange colored ball cap.    I walked up to him and asked " How is the fishing today?"    The young man replied" Great! "    I asked him how many fish he was planning on catching .    He said  I always catch my three fish limit because that is all we are  allowed  by law  in this lake.     The young man was excited about fishing because it was his chance to get a day off from the stressful job he had.

I continued on my walk around the lake where I found young man wearing a black and white ball cap backwards,  and I asked him the very same question  " How many fish was he planning on catching today?"   This young man gave me a very different answer.   He said "  I have been coming to this lake for over one year and I have never caught any fish.  He then went on and on about how all his friends come fishing to this lake and they all catch at least two fish but he never catches anything ever.   I asked him if he was using the same bait as his friends and he said yes but the fish just don't like him.  I wished him luck and continued on my way around the lake.

Our brain is like a radio station  because it  broadcasts and receives thoughts  we place there.

The first young man was broadcasting to the fish to come and get his bait while the other young man was subconsiously telling the fish not to eat his bait.  

Maybe the second young man believed he did not deserve to catch any fish or perhaps he had a fear of what to do with the fish after he caught it.

If we are constantly putting negative thoughts to our brain then  we can expect even more negative things to happen.

If we are constantly putting positive thoughts into our brain then we can expect more positive things to happen.

Ingrid Camacho