Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Marty Roe Pine Bluff, Arkansas, USA

Posted: 2016-02-09

 Chapter 13

 The Brain

The Twelfth  Step Toward Riches,  From The book Think And Grow Rich,

Through the ages which have passed, man has depended Too much upon his physical senses. And has limited his
Knowledge to physical things, which he could see, touch Weigh, and measure.

Perhaps we shall learn, as we pass through this age, that The other self is more powerful than the physical self we see
When we look into a mirror.

My other self, it’s more powerful than the physical self! My other self it’s more POWERFUL!

How do I tap into that? Is my other self buried deep inside me?

Do I have to create my other self?  

After being with Mentoring For Free for a little over a year I believe, I can fiend my other self, through self development .

If you want more you have to become more!  Learn how to Think not what to think!  Stay in the positive emotions Desire,
faith, love, sex, enthusiasm, romance, hope, prosperity. That looks like a lot of POWER!!.

A few weeks back Michael ask Tuula if she would like to Go  back to being the way she was before she found Mentoring
For Free?  Tuula said NO!  

I don’t want to go back either! If you want to fiend your More powerful other self, plug all the way into the Mentoring For
Free system, and stay here. 

I am working to fiend my more powerful self!