Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Larry Griffin Shererville, IN, US

Posted: 2016-02-08

                                       Chapter 13   The Brain 


It's not good enough just to know what you want, we must be willing to learn and apply the principles taught here with Think and Grow Rich Lessons. In this chapter Mr. Hill speaks about intanible forces, as I grow in my understanding of how to use the power of my mind and brain to influence these intangible forces it's like a child with a new toy, I'm fascinated. 

We can with the use of the three principles of Auto-suggestion, Subconcious Mind, and Creative Imagination, to influence the most powerful forces know to man the intangible forces to build our busineses, keep our health in good order, and have a great family life, or whatever floates your boat.  

I find even those times when I am out of harmony with infinite intelligence, it's easier to regain that harmony with my self- talk ( auto- suggestion ), I've said this before, I have fallen to love with the word harmony, the three priciples mentioned before don't seem to work when there is no harmony of mind, body, and spirit. 

All things in the universe work in harmony, the day follows night, summer follows spring, you reap what you sow. I sow positive thoughts I receive positive results multiplied, pressed down and running over. All this started with Mentoring For Free, thank you Michael and Linda. 


Larry Griffin 

Consistency, every day, one day at a time.