Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Bob Shoaf Sunny Alamogordo, NM, USA

Posted: 2017-05-01


The First Step toward Riches

Napoleon Hill, in this Chapter, tells us what we MUST do to achieve our goals.
We MUST as, Barnes did, spend years turning our "WISH" into a BURNING DESIRE. A
BURNING DESIRE that brings us to tears. A BURNING DESIRE that creates emotion
and faith.

Even when Barnes met Edison, there were 5 years fueling his BURNING DESIRE,
waiting, offering what he would give in return for the opportunity; waiting for
a plan that would allow him to be in business with Edison.

Barnes succeeded because he chose a DEFINITE goal and placed all his energy,
power and effort back of that goal. He did not care that for those 5 years he
saw no ray of hope. But he knew he was a partner of Edison. It became an
obsession. He knew he could not fail.

If You knew You could not fail, what would You do and where would You go?

                                What is Your self-talk?

Barnes staked everything he had on his BURNING DESIRE. He burned his bridges
behind him. He left no escape route. He had to WIN or PARISH!

How many who download Michael Dlouhy's ebook, Success In 10 Steps, don't
complete their "Why"? How many think these Think and Grow Rich Lessons are too
much trouble? Wishes will not bring riches.

This chapter contains Step 1 of 13 Steps that Napoleon Hill gives us that has
created many very successful people during the last 8 decades; decades that
prove their validity. There is no shortcut.  We MUST spend years of meditation,
self-examination and serious thought before infinite intelligence will provide
us with the plan that allows us to achieve our BURNING DESIRE.

Napoleon Hill gives us 6 steps with tasks to complete before we can get started.
Notice, he does not say they are suggestions. The answers to these steps must
become an obsession, a definite plan and knowledge we will not fail.

I am grateful to Linda and Michael Dlouhy for their BURNING DESIRE to create a
way to be unique and to help people develop the skills needed to put into
practice the mindset like Barnes had. Thank You Linda and Michael Dlouhy for
Your foresight and persistence to have created Mentoring For Free.

I'm also grateful for each member of our training calls that create a mastermind
group. We are helping each other learn and grow stronger by developing more
faith in our BURNING DESIRE.  Thanks to each one of You.

Bob Shoaf
Alamogordo, NM

PS: I am also grateful to each person who has downloaded my ebook. I'm
especially grateful to those who have chosen to communicate with me regularly.
As Napoleon Hill says, a mastermind is created when 2 or more people come
together with a common cause. We are helping each other develop our BURNING
DESIRE. Thank You to each one of You.