Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Sharon Valentine Houston, Texas, United States

Posted: 2017-04-27

Chapter 1 – Thoughts are Things

Napoleon Hill tells us that thoughts are things, and in telling of Edwin Barnes’ story, he said that it wasn’t Mr. Barnes’ physical appearance that impressed Thomas Edison.  “It was what he THOUGHT that counted.”  Mr. Edison saw the drive and desire in Mr. Barnes’ eyes. 

Thoughts are internal and personal.  Nobody can tell exactly what you’re thinking.  Even if you think out loud, the stream of thought is so fast that the tongue can’t keep up.  Your thoughts are only known by you, yet, they can be viewed in your eyes and in your actions.  When you’re passionate, depressed, elated or livid, those thoughts and feelings can be seen and felt from across a crowded room.

Mr. Hill says that we can be rich by controlling our thoughts, and it’s our job to guard the gate to let in only empowering and positive ideas.  Surround ourselves with only good.  I read a story of how Edwin Barnes bought an extensive wardrobe when he experienced some success.  He had 31 suits – one for each day of the month.  Most people would think that he was trying to impress his potential clients, but here’s what he said about his suit collection:  “I do not wear thirty-one suits of clothes entirely for the impression they make on other people; I do it mostly for the impression they have on me.”  Even after reaching his goal of being a business partner with Thomas Edison, Edwin Barnes still guarded the gate to his mind.

What are your passions?  How would you like to spend your vacations?  What baggage can be left on the side of the road?  Once you answer some of these questions, you can begin to control and to direct your thoughts.

Sharon Valentine

Houston, TX