Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Test Test Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

Posted: 2017-04-26

CHAPTER 1 Thoughts are Things

After I read this chapter and listen to it on video I decided to share about what happen to me when I finally found out I had a mental illness called Bipolar .When I ended up on two south 

all I REMEMBER is being placed in a room with three other women  and full of fear.

   Before all this had happen a few weeks before my life felt like I had archived some personal goals in my life there were many happy moments during this time. 

I  remember my graduation from Lakehead University Ifelt elatated and so PROUD of me and who I had become  with a many positive self talk and positive people hepling each other.

Then April 1 1990 my mother suddenly died and that's when my world fell apart and my journey began with the mental ward of the hospital for five years  .THE first year was like I never existed

Ilost track of time wall was moving ,  there were times I could not identify people that cared for me. This didn't happen until I had a complete mental and physical breakdown.

SO I was learing how to grow up at the age of 42. I felt I was the only person in the world university education and here I am going backwards in my LIFE. During this hard time I didn't want life but my CREATOR HAD already made a plan for me to live and that I would get well and live normal someday.SO  I did over come the hurdles and the desire to never go back to the bad lifestyle and look foward to my

new life . SENSE I have been in MENTORING for FREE  every thing is changing for the good. I have changed my way of thinking towards other people . I treat people with kindness and I LISTEN  today.

Sometimes I help the people that have nothing  I  my heart goes out to these fine people. SO when I need positive person to talk I go to Mentoring for Free. MONEY  can't buy what I FEEL TODAY

which is a sense  of freedom of whatever LIFEHAS TO GIVE.

Thank you Micheal  &   Linda      Yours   Marina'