Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Marcel Schmidt Thunderbay, Ontario, Canada

Posted: 2017-04-12

The sixth sense has always played a critical role in my life if I followed it

For example in 1985 I began to rebuild my life. I went through a divorce and

because I had two children in that marriage I wanted to stay put. But at the time 

the economy was poor and I couldn't find work in my trade so after some discussion

with my parents and a trusted friend my intuition told me  to pack up and go east where there was work 

in my trade. I was going to Toronto and the srrounding area. I did not want to live in that part of the country 

with all those millions of people and my God took care of that.

I had to pass through Thunderbay and I had never heard of Thunderbay where I live now and it is a fair sized city so I stayed the night and got up in 

the morning and started job hunting. My intuition told me that this would be a good place to restart my life.

June 3 1986 I started to look for a job by phoning different shops and the first three told me that they were on strike.

My sixth sense said to me to keep on calling so I called a shop that had a name that started with Z at the bottom of the listings in the yellow pages.

I started working there on June 4 1986 and stayed with that company for 19 years.During that time I met my wife Marina in 1988 and we have been together and married since then.

I did those things because my sixth sense spoke to me and told me that I was supposed to.

My sixth sense told me 27 months ago that when I found MFF, STS and T&GR Lessons that this was the real thing and to stick with it.

Thank God I did because now I own my life and I know how to think NOT what to think. 

Thanks to Michael and Linda Dlouhy for creating this program.

PS I can't wait until I can go to my favorite fishing spot in the bush and hear nothing except nature whic truly is GOD