Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Tuula Rands West Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Posted: 2017-04-12

Chapter 14 - The Sixth Sense

Jane gets out her toolbox and places it on the table and just
looks at it.  It makes her feel happy and warm inside as she
looks at the pictures of the people she had interacted with and
remembers the times she spent with them or just talking with them.
She then opens her toolbox and takes out her calender and looks at
the appointments she has for the day and again looks at each persons
picture and thinks about the things that person wants to accomplish
and figures out how she can help that person.  Her sixth sense tells
her about things she could suggest and share with the individual to
help her people and as she listens to them her sixth sense helps her
answer and guide the individual.

Sally goes to get her toolbox and does not remember where she placed
the toolbox.  So a lot of her time is spent looking for the toolbox.
Maybe it is under all the papers on the desk or maybe she left it in
the living room so she spends a lot of time going from room to room 
searching.  She finally stops and stands still and her sixth sense 
tells her where she left the toolbox and then she can decide what she
feels like doing about her business and who she feels like talking with
that day.

Trudy knows exactly where her toolbox is because Trudy has a place for
everything and everything is in its place. Trudy analyzes the list of 
people in her Excel sheet and her appointment calander on the computer
to see who she needs to connect with and what she should be doing with
them.  Trudy answers or directs each client to what they need and makes
an appointment with them for the next session. Trudy has learned she needs
to listen more and is developing her sixth sense so she will be
able to build a closer relationship with the people she is talking with.

Sandra has her toolbox. It is one she had custom made so it would co-ordinate with all
her other business tools and as she walks into her office she can see
her toolbox on her desk readily available to begin the day.  She checked
her appointments the night before so she is ready to keep things on 
schedule and has qualified the prospects she will be talking with. Sandra
has used her sixth sense to look at the business opportunities
that have been presented to her and only participates in the ones that
make the most money.

Hill described the sixth sense as "that unknown something".  We all have
that "unknown something" at some level and we can develop it or ignore it.  
It all comes down again to the choices we make in how we utilize this tool
in our toolbox.

Tuula Rands